One thrilling opportunity to improve the capacity of your organization to raise money and engage with supporters is choosing an online fundraising platform.

Nowadays, there are a lot of choices available in the market, whether you are moving to a new platform of choosing one for the first time. Your organization has a huge variety of options in price, services, and features.

However, it can be an overwhelming task to choose the right online fundraising platform. Your volunteers have to dedicate a lot of time. However, we can help you. Here are a couple of things to consider when choosing an online fundraising platform:

Carefully Consider Your Migration Capacity and Timeline

You have to assess carefully the capacity of your internal volunteers to handle a migration as you are talking about working with particular online fundraising vendors. You can produce a project plan that outlines the steps that will be required to operate with a new platform and recognizes the volunteers who will be accountable for every step. Also, to avoid the busiest time, you’ve got to think about the ideal time of the year for your migration.

Check the Landscape of the Vendor

To help you recognize a couple of vendors that you will like to call to get proposals, there are a couple of reports on the internet that you can utilize. You’ve got to ensure to share a document that outlines your needs. You’ve got to be specific as you can. A professional will then call you to schedule a demo. Then, they’ll prepare a proposal for the cost. You’ve got to ensure you call reference customers when you are assessing proposals. Also, to know their reputation, do your own research on companies.

Know the Capacity of your Budget

When it comes to choosing a new online fundraising platform, think about your budget. You should be ready to know what you’re willing to pay, both in monthly fees and upfront fees. Keep in mind that the fee structures for various platforms can greatly differ. Thus, you have to be ready. Also, you’ve got to generate cost scenarios to model your expenses over a couple of years in the future.

Have a Selection Team

Assembling a team of individuals who will maneuver the selection process is one best way to start the process. You will have to bring together people who work on fundraising and communications for your organization at a minimum. Also, it can be useful to have a technology professional who can tackle and technical problems and a finance professional who deals with accounting problems. Lastly, to keep things moving along, assign one individual as a project manager.

You might have to hire an external professional to help if you are worried about your staff’s capacity to handle the selection process. An external professional makes it simple to look for the help you need, whether it is actual implementation support or advice. Of course, you can use the internet to look for the right professional that can help you.